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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? How Does It Work?

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One of the most rapidly growing technology in the world over the years is the Internet of Things ( or IoT). So, in this article, we will discuss the different topics related to IoT. So, let's get started.

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is simply the connection of our daily physical devices to the Internet with minimum interaction of human. It means there is an exchange of data and information of these devices like collecting and sharing with the help of embedded systems wirelessly. IoT is becoming a huge part of our life but many of us haven't realized it.

Right now, electronic devices like smartphones, computers, smart TV, smartwatches, etc. are already connected to the Internet but in inadequate form. In upcoming days by exploiting IoT all other physical stuff like our gas stove, oven, mixer, etc. that comes to your mind almost everything will be connected to the Internet. According to Statista, about 13.8 billion units are expected to be connected with IoT in 2021 and it is expecting to be increased up to 30.9 billion by 2025.

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How does the IoT work?

First-of-all, embedded systems like sensors, processors, and other network devices are used in physical objects. With the help of those communication devices, physical objects receive and send the data. All the data are transferred to the cloud platform. In between them, there will be a bridge that is known as IoT gateways through which transmit data goes to the cloud for analyzing and computing.

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History of the IoT

The phrase "Internet of Things" was coined by English technologist Kelvin Ashton, cofounder of Auto-ID Center at MIT. Earlier, the concept of IoT was introduced between 1980-90 as a network of smart devices.
What the Internet of Things is really about is information technology that can gather its own information. Often what it does with that information is not tell a human being something, it just does something. — Kevin Ashton

What is IoT important?

It is one of the most important weapons to extend Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Information, and Communication Technology. Billions of devices come under an umbrella through IoT. We can see the uniting of the digital world with physical objects. Other than smart devices our daily tools and appliances are also connected to the Internet which really makes our daily tasks very comfortable. 

Applications of IoT

Here we listed some applications of IoT. Let's have a see
  • Home: Our home will be fully digitized. We can do each and every task of our home in a fraction of a second. In the kitchen, every stuff will be connected to the Internet. We can get real-time information about the conditions of every appliance before any kind of huge damage. 
  • Business: All the businesses small-sized, medium-sized, and obviously big-sized will be connected to the Internet. Every business person has to think about transforming their business to the internet. 
  • Education: Because of IoT, the traditional way of teaching-learning will be fully transformed to the next level. Student gets extreme access to learn new terminologies. Their innovation and creation will amaze us. Actually, there will be no restriction for students to leave those boring lectures. Colleges and schools will also get digitalized and students don't have to go there. They can learn through the sensational technology of that time. They will get free from outdated curricula and new curricula without any proper planning. No one can judge them.
  • Industry: We can see automation in each and every industry. Every hardware of the factory transmits its real-time update through the sensors and other network instruments used on them. Networking between all industrial appliances increases production and efficiency. IoT improves the traditional way of running any industry. Failure of vital industrial devices decreases due to the early analyzed data sent by them. The validity period can be predicted. There will be extraordinary coordination between machine learning and big data technologies.  
Not only this much but there are lots of applications of the IoT in Health, Agriculture, etc. So check it out.

Pros of the IoT

Some of the merits of the Internet of Things are
  • Saves Time as well as Money 
  • Increase in Efficiency and Productivity 
  • Globalization
  • Increase in Technology Literacy
  • Instant Communication

Cons of the IoT

Some of the demerits of the Internet of Things are
  • Privacy and security concerns
    • As devices are connected to the Internet, there is a high risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks.
  • Complexity
    • It may require highly skilled and expert manpower to use those devices. 
  • Technology dependency
    • Seriously, we are addicted to technology and technology controls our life 
  • Job scarcity
    • Industrial automation takes the position of human power and that leads to unemployment.
  • Health Problems
    • It is obvious that technology has made a great vital role in the treatment of dreadful diseases. Due to the overwhelming use of these technologies, one can lose good health. 
It is surprising that many of us use IoT every day without realizing it. IoT has made our life smarter and more reliable. So, we shouldn't look at its cons in spite of that we should explore the technology and its potential. IoT widely impacts our lives and it changes the way we are living. So, Let's Explore it.

We hope that we make you clear about different queries related to the Internet of Things in a very effortless and lucid way through this article. We hope you actually get pleasure from this article. If you discover it informative, then please offer feedback within the comment section. Also, if you discover any mistakes we have a tendency to create here, then please let us understand and improve us. If you've got any queries, then be at liberty to raise them. We strongly recommend you to read the latest information on the topics via different particular informative media. So, keep reading and growing your knowledge.

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